Are you ready for the Freestyle Focus Group?

Founding members Professsor Prawns (Adrian Sinclair) and Count Snacky (Karlis Kalnins) continue to develop their hip hop freestyle rap methodolgy as they host a weekly invitational drop-in freestyle workshops in the studio or set out on infamous freestyle bike missions around East Van with a custom bike sound system.

Our activations and workshops are the praxis of our freestyle philosophy. In our workshops we embrace the truth that everyone can freestyle. Beginner to advanced, we can help improve everyone’s freestyle abilities. We use freestyle rap as a technique for mental liberation, to not overthink expression but to exist in the moment where true creativity and originality can flow, building self confidence and skills that will help you in all aspects of your life.

So are you ready for FFG? Contact us if you have an idea for a show or event, or if you want to come join us for some freestyle!