Mix Up Style

Copy Style: Pick someone you know really well and copy their style. You can pick another rapper/freestyler and copy their voice and their flow, or you can pick someone you know, like a friend or a celebrity and show what it would be like if they were freestyling.

New Style: Create your own character and freestyle as that person. The character might have a different voice, a different flow, different emotions, different values, and different things on their mind than you do. Be creative and explore the character. Freestyle about what you’ve done, how you think or what you think about. Pay attention. As you keep going it gets easier and easier to slide out of character, so keep reminding yourself to stay in character. Changing your body language and facial expressions can help, and it makes it more convincing to watch too. You might notice some people are already copying their favourite rappers without realizing it. This practice can help them break out of that trap by exploring other styles and finding their own.