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Would you like to continue to develop what you started at a FFG workshop? Can’t make it to an FFG workshop but can’t wait to get started on your freestyle rap technique? Then our new book “Freestyle Focus Group” is what you need! This amazing new expanded second edition (summer 2017) is 196 pages filled with practice exercises and ideas to help you improve your rap freestyle skills and flow. There’s also helpful ideas on facilitating your own freestyle community and building your own mobile sound system. Illustrated by Professor Prawns and designed by Shong Daddo.

Join the Freestyle Focus Group for a freestyle rap workshop. You’ll expand your mind as you learn to express yourself creatively with confidence. Explore new styles as you develop your performance skills and mic technique. These lessons were developed for the FFG’s weekly drop-in sessions and will help you on stage, on the street, at home and even at work. This is for all levels, beginner to advanced.
Everyone can freestyle!

Freestyle Focus Group
second edition

Second Edition (2017)

We’ve revised the book with so much more information. On top of many more exercises, the new 196 page book includes how to build to facilitate freestyle groups, build community, creating mobile sound systems and much more.

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first edition

First Edition (2011-2012)

Our first edition was 67 pages and was developed with participants in our workshop series.