Compliment Battle Style

When you practice with another MC, take turns trading compliments with each other. You are competing to give the biggest, most impressive and cleverest compliments. Freestyle about their positive aspects: why you like them, how they contribute to the community, how well they are dressed, how they have been successful, how good their freestyle is, how good they make everyone feel. If you can’t think of anything, make stuff up.

Freestyle Focus Group runs on positive intentions and on positive energy. The MC battle is very popular and is a traditional show of freestyle skill, but being negative and trading insults goes against our philosophy. A lot of MC battles quickly start to include sexist, racist, and homophobic attitudes and other unkind or inappropriate comments. We think there’s enough negativity in the world, and we want to focus on building people up. If you find yourself in a MC battle, try using this compliment battle style instead. It definitely throws off MCs accustomed to regular battles. If they say something nasty about you, don’t worry, it’s only freestyle, and it’s all in fun. The best thing about a compliment battle, in the end, everyone wins.