Bring the Hype!

While you freestyle, the other MC is the Hype.┬áThe Hype’s job is to get the audience excited, get the freestyler excited, create emphasis in the freestyler’s flow, and generally pump the energy in the place. While you are freestyling, leave a bit more space than usual in your flow. Small gaps and pauses between words, phrases and lines creates space that the Hype can fill. As the Hype you can do something as simple as saying the freestyler’s MC name, or your name. Simple sounds, catchwords and phrases include classics like “What?” and “Yeah!,” or make your own unique phrase. Try repeating key words from the other MCs freestyle. It doesn’t have to make sense, so go crazy! It’s about pumping the energy, jumping around, verbally and physically creating energy and excitement. As the freestyle MC, focus on not being distracted by the Hype, so the Hype supports your flow instead of breaking it.

Take turns being the Hype.