Extempo sing style

Try singing your freestyle. You can make up a melody, or freestyle over a track with a melody you know. You can sing the whole thing, just a chorus, or just small parts for emphasis.

Like any variation in style, sometimes singing can open up new ideas. Adding tone or melody to your voice is a great way to add emphasis and get attention to a line, phrase or idea. A lot of rappers neglect their singing ability, so this allows you to stand out from the crowd. Some people can only sing-freestyle, so they need to practice other techniques. But if you’re a singer and you think you can’t freestyle at all, try sing style, it might unlock your potential!

“Extempo” is a style of Calypso freestyle singing in the Caribbean. They often use a competitive format where two Calypsonians take turns singing verses over a well known melody. The crowd decides the winner.