Freestyle Chorus

When you’re freestyling, pick a theme or a phrase or hook in your freestyle and turn it into a chorus. Repeat it a few times in a catchy way. Continue freestyling, then come back to that same chorus. If you have more MCs or an audience, encourage them join in on the chorus too.

This is a little trick we learned from songwriters. Audiences love a chorus. It’s something they can relate to, something they can expect, something they can learn and repeat. If you ramble on in an endless freestyle, there’s nothing to hold on to. Your chorus doesn’t have to be amazing or profound, it just has to be memorable. Just pick any great-sounding phrase in your freestyle, slow it down to half-time for emphasis, repeat it a few times, then come back to it again later. If you include a bridge leading up to your chorus and come back to it the same way, it will sound great — but you might sound like you wrote the whole song in advance. So you might have to remind people you’re freestyling.