Freestyle Standards

In jazz they have standards that every musician knows how to play. DJs know all the hits that people usually request. As a freestyler you will often encounter the same topics to freestyle about over and over again, so you might as well practice them so you really slay it.¬†You’re not writing lyrics, but practice freestyling on these subjects so it’s easier to get your flow when a big moment comes.

These are some suggestions. The birthday one is super important.

It’s your Birthday
Thank you rap
Flirt rapping with someone in the room
Great party/Party rockin’
Sexy dancing
Romance/Love is in the air/Toasting a couple
Holidays: Mother’s/Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Halloween
Last call at the bar/Closing time
Missing a friend/Fallen hero
Funny people on the street
In the studio


Police trouble

Sports game