In the Eyes

While you’re freestyling, look someone right in the eyes the whole time. You can choose just one person to lock eyes with, or take turns locking eyes with each of your crew.

Sometimes this exercise can be intense, and make you feel a bit vulnerable and exposed, or break your usual flow. It can also open you up and can make your freestyle more engaging, particularly with the person you’re eye-to-eye with. Sometimes it can be difficult to look someone in the eyes and not freestyle about them or your interaction, so you can also practice looking someone in the eyes while maintaining a flow that’s not about them.

This practice teaches us how to remain present and engaged with our audience or others around us. A lot of MCs have a tendency to mentally turn inside and withdraw from the moment as they explore the freestyles they have within. But this breaks their engagement with the present moment, as well all the potential freestyle inspiration around them.