Mic Dynamics

While you are freestyling, slowly increase the volume of your voice until you are shouting into the mic. Then slowly decrease your voice until you are barely whispering. Take your time to make the change from normal to loud to quiet and back again, and repeat it a few times. To avoid blowing out your speakers, your ears or your neighbours, you will have to increase the distance between the microphone and your mouth as you begin to get louder or decrease the distance as you become quieter. This is part of good microphone technique.

Some people have louder or quieter voices than others, this is normal. What’s important is to know how loud your voice is in comparison to others, and adjust your voice and microphone accordingly. The whole crew should come through at a similar volume. It’s also important to understand that you can change your volume as you freestyle. Different volumes have different character, both in how you use your voice at a particular volume, and in how it is heard. Some people surprise themselves when they find out they really excel at different volume levels.