Switch Style

While you are freestyling, the other MCs listen. When they say “style!” you have to quickly switch it up.┬áChange your voice, your flow, your emotional content, your voice, your accent, your character, or your subject. Maybe all at the same time.

The new style should be noticeably different from the last one. Your crew can make you change styles rapidly or make you go on for a long time in a difficult style you’ve chosen. They can also specify what part of your style they want you to change. You’ll be challenged to invent and execute a new style on every switch. It can be tricky both to come up with new choices and to make a quick shift.

Some people get stuck in a single style. It might be a great one that you like, but don’t let yourself be limited by it. Some people are using a style they learned from someone without really exploring their own voice. There may be a style out there that’s truly their own, they just haven’t discovered it yet. Some people are best when they use a bunch of different styles to express different ideas. Each style will inspire you in different ways. Explore the possibilities!