2014, Souper Thunderdome, Inspirelz Crew

Huge props to George Rahi (MC Mahee Rahee) and Robyn (MC Robbin Banks) for hosting the weekly jams every monday night since the summer. as the new summer approaches we are getting ready to freestyle outdoors! and at some festivals if we are lucky.

Also this year we have been making friends and performing with the insanely creative Inspirelz Crew. Here is some evidence below. Big shout outs to MC Crystel Clear + MC Fight Girl aka. Sweat Pea.

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Velopalooza Appearance at DIY Bike-Sound System Show And Tell

Check us out here at the beginning of the ride: http://youtu.be/bP4VO–8Jv0

The fabulous Amy Walker mentioned us this month in Momentum magazine.

As part of Vancouver’s third annual Velopalooza “Festival of Bike Fun” I co-hosted the DIY Bike PA Soundclash Ride. We invited people to bring out their bike sound systems or just come along for the ride. We also asked Adrian (Professor Prawns) and Karlis (Count Snacky) from Freestyle Focus Group (FFG) to MC the event with their signature freestyle and interactive rapping. Around 50 people showed up for the ride including visiting riders from Los Angeles, Davis, CA, Portland, OR, and Germany. We heard show-and-tell-style descriptions of six homemade bike sound systems. At each stop we entertained each other with our attempts at freestyling, plus we had a surprise gamelan performance on re-used bike tubes and a ukelele and harmonica rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.”

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Asked to give a Birthday Freestyle: Recording

So, last weekend I (Prof Prawns) was asked to give an off-the-top freestyle rap for Emily Jubenville. It was tricky cause I did not know her well enough to be able to freestyle that intelligently about her so I asked some of her friends for some themes to insert, like canning cheeries and pokadot dresses.

It was really quite a fun time. I was pretty nervous tho.

Someone recorded the sesh, here is what it sounded like…


FFG at the U-CRAWL April 21, 2012

George Rahi, of the Tool Library here in east vancouver, invited the FFG to contribute to the mobile bike sound soundsystem crew and to the second stop on the U-Crawl through town. While Snacky was on the island, PROF. PRAWNS threw it down at Rahi’s raging house party. A few minutes after the hundreds of bike and sound systems left for the next house, the police arrived…but too late to catch the party. The rest of the night was pretty amazing. It was Brandy’s birthday and the night ended with a telephone bonfire at the beach with the sun coming up. here’s to spring.