Basscoast MegaDome

FFG Basscoast 2013
Basscoast FFG Beach Party 2013

Basscoast blew my mind this year! We were camped out at the Joyscout beach party where we had some great freestyles by the river. Freestyling every afternoon in the sunshine, our speedos were even more appropriate than usual. DJs KTel, Woodhead, Dunks, Soo and others provided great tracks for some epic mic work for us and all our special guests. Then on Sunday we set up at the Bigger Brain MegaDome. We had some technical difficulties but with our new friends with BassBus Sound and Dj Bruno from Calgary, we had, I think, probably the most epic FFG session ever. The sound setup was perfect, Bruno was awesome, the Dome was epic (waterfall in front of the DJ? For realsies), we had great turnout and support, and our freestylers were so sweet. FFG alumni Fight Girl and Crystal Clear surpassed even themselves, our new FFG BFF MC Workshop backed us up, and we got to hear some great and courageous mic work from our many FFG participants, including some international and multilingual MC styles. So amazing I was almost at a loss for words when we wrapped up. I want to do BassCoast again every week!

I’ve heard there’s some great new locations for our workshops coming up this fall. Oh really?