Dance Party

If you’re on the mic at a dance party, help everyone have fun and move their body by shouting out and repeating simple dance moves that everyone can follow.¬†Use simple moves like “get high, get high,” “get low, get low,” “to the left, to the left,” “put your hands up, put your hands up.” You have the mic, so you can call the shots. Think of it like an grown-up version of Simon Says.

At a dance party it’s not really about how clever your words are or how articulate your rapid-fire flow is. No one wants to listen to you. They want to dance.¬†Chances are they won’t be able to hear your your words anyway, even if they are paying attention. Our friend Reverend Yearwood showed us how to get everyone dancing together by freestyling simple dance moves. He would encourage everyone to join in with tactics like this: get all your people to dance as low as they can, and then don’t change it up until everyone in the room is doing the same move. Dancers that are feeling the burn will amp up the peer pressure on those who have not yet joined in. Once everyone is dancing the same move, you give them a new one to follow. These moves might sound a bit simple but they are really effective and getting everyone up and dancing. Once you’ve got everyone dancing with you for a while, you can add in a little freestyle and it will really have impact. Keep it simple, and like the good Rev says, “Agitate, Agitate, Agitate!”