Get Outside

Get out of your house, bedroom, or studio and go freestyle with your crew somewhere in public. Freestyle in a park, on the street, at your friend’s house, at work, outside a club, at a party. Seek out events where there will be lots of people, and freestyle for the crowd getting out from a big game or show, at a protest march, or at a street fair. You will be challenged, you will learn new skills. You will face any anxieties about freestyling in front of people. Your ideas will be confronted by real public opinion. Best of all, you will meet new people and other freestylers.

It’s easy and comfortable to stay at your home base and freestyle there. But you are missing out on all the challenges and learning experience of being out in the wild where you can’t control your environment. You are also missing all the freestyle inspiration that is out there in new surroundings. You’ve already worked over all the ideas and inspiration at home. Every new place you go has a different feel and will affect your flow in different ways. Get out there.