EastVan Freestyle Now

FFG monday night
Eastvan freestyle is crazy right now! The monday night FFG drop-ins are going off bigtime at the Hammock Residency. There’s a whole new crew including H-Negs, and the Cruze Bros. Last week Ambrosia and Fightgirl were in, it was so busy we barely had time for pyro!

We had an awesome time with BusyB and the Honeycomb Kids at the Backstage Lounge last month. I love that place and BusyB is amazing!!!

There’s a super-secret FFG facebook group, if you’re into that FB stuff hit us up.

There’s also a new freestyle session on the Drive at Eternal Abundance called Raw Organic Beets, it’s every second Tuesday. I haven’t been yet but I hear it’s dope.

Our awesome freestyle book is even more available now. If you haven’t seen us in person and you want a copy, we uploaded it to lulu so you can now order it right off the website.

Super stoked about freestylin the summer, getting back on the bike and out to some festivals. Apparently our fave Diversity isn’t on but we’ll be somewhere coastal for sure!