Basscoast FFG 2012

We had an amazing time hosting the FFG workshop in the Brain dome at Basscoast this year, thanks to everyone who came out to join us! Sarah Ferguson came out with photographer Thom Hamilton to write an article about it:

Enter the world of Freestyle Focus Group: a first-person lyrical escapade through the minds of all who pick up their mic. Workshop settings range from summer festivals to travelling bike missions through Vancouver with maybe 100 people and a custom-built bike sound system.

The product of the fresh and flexible imaginations of East Vancouverites Professor Prawns and Count Snacky, the duo approaches freestyling like a spiritual rebuilding of your mental processes. “We realized that taking away layers of inhibition would reveal these less travelled pathways in your mind, and really interesting things would come out,” said Prof. Prawns. “So rather than inventing what to say, the idea is to reveal what is there already, because there is already a lot there.”

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